Red Vein Removal

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Known as broken capillaries or thread veins, red veins lie in the deeper layers of the skin, these small red are harmless but can have a very ageing and unsightly effect on the skin. to harsh elements, and other contributing factors, can lead them to dilate and rupture into the surface skin layers. The blood cannot flow away from these ruptured capillaries but becomes trapped and stagnant giving the appearance of a network of tiny red threads.

What Causes Red Veins?

Smoking, climate (extremes of hot and cold), stress, pregnancy, heredity, alcohol, allergies, hay fever, poor health, sun damage, spicy foods, tea and coffee, high blood pressure, prescribed drugs or physical trauma to the area can all be contributing factors.

How can they be treated?

A fine, sterile needle, placed just along the red vein, delivers a small electrical current which cauterises the vein so the pooling of blood in it dries up and disappears.

What will my skin look like after a treatment?

The treatment area will be reddened and may even be slightly swollen. Over the next 24hrs the area then settles and the treated veins become red again. Then the veins treated may form tiny scabbing like little red dots, but this is only temporary and will soon be followed by a reduction in redness as the skin responds to treatment. These form to prevent infection and allow new skin to develop underneath.

How long will the treatment take?

Depending on the severity, treatment is available for ¼ hour or ½ hour sessions. Several treatments are often necessary to improve the area. Treatments are every 3-6 weeks to allow the skin to rest in between treatments and see the results of the previous treatment.
It will take approximately 3-8 weeks after treatment to see the results.


  • Avoid anything on the area. Only use sterile water to cleanse.
  • Avoid hot baths, showers, saunas, steam and any heat treatments.
  • To avoid infection, prevent hair from falling on to the treated area (ie, keep long hair tied back).
  • Avoid abrasions of any kind from scrubbing, exfoliating creams or even rough towels.
  • Avoid sunbathing, sun beds, solarium spas, swimming or sporting activity.
  • Gently pat area do not rub.
  • Keep the area as dry as possible, avoiding infection.
  • It is very important that you do not attempt to lift any fine scabs (which may or may not have appeared post treatment) prematurely as this increase the risk of scarring, pitting or unsuccessful treatment.

Treatment cost:

15 minutes     £45.00
30 minutes     £80.00