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Facial treatments

DERMALOGICA is a concise, efficient regime that delivers a maximum result. It is a simple, serious and unique programme of skin care to give professional results without complicated rituals. Dermalogica has been researched and developed by the International Dermal Institute and all products are salon tested under strict supervision and contain no unnecessary ingredients, proving to be one of the best skincare products in the world. A system that is designed to address any specific set of concerns to help you achieve your best skin ever.

Dermalogica ProPower Peel Treatment



The ultimate customisable facial, depending on your skin’s needs. It begins with a double cleanse, followed by an exfoliation, to reveal a smooth, glowing complexion. The skin is then gently warmed to allow for easy removal of any built up congestion. A face massage using aromatherapy is certain to ease your mind while getting the circulation moving. Then a revitalising mask, and to finish a nutrient rich moisturiser to hydrate, protect and help restore the natural balance of your skin. (1 hour)



Maximum results in the minimum time, with a perfect blend of power steam cleansing, a customised mask, toning and moisturising for people on the go. (30 minutes).



Control skin aging at its source with this facial, using the age smart products. A system that is not an anti-aging line but specifically works to control reactions that lead to skin aging by stimulating collagen production, increasing elasticity and promoting smoothness. (1 hour)



Everything that applies in the prescriptive facial but adapted to fight the problem. A medicated treatment that will focus on purifying your skin with pro softening techniques, extractions and anti-bacterial, microbiome-balancing actives that work together to clear and calm congested breakout prone skin. Adult acne has met its match with breakout clearing and prevention. (1 hour)

Pro Calm Facial


Soothe and strengthen sensitive skin including redness, dryness and conditions like eczema and rosacea. Soothing botanical actives provide relief while lymphatic drainage and pressure point massage help a stressed nervous system. Targeted treatments help hydrate, balance and restore the skin’s barrier for reduced inflammation and visibly calms the skin while improving overall hydration. (1 hour)