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Body Treatments



This treatment can help to ‘stimulate relaxation, support mood improvement, reduce tension, aid sleep and give an improved sense of well-being’, but cannot diagnose, treat or cure a range of medical treatments due to lack of substantive evidence to support these claims.

Single Treatment £36.50

6 Sessions £195.00

A specialised technique using gentle pressure and massage on the feet.



Single Treatment (1 hour). £44.00

Our stress busting treatment refreshes and cleanses this hard to reach area. Start with a deep cleanse of the back to remove all excess oil and skin debris, followed by exfoliation to polish away dullness, extractions are performed. Lastly a stress relieving massage with essential oils and a customised mask will leave you relaxed and your skin radiant. (1 hour).



A treatment tailored to your individual needs with the use of essential oils

Neck and Shoulder massage (15 minutes)   £16.50

Head, Shoulder and Neck massage (30 minutes)   £33.00

Back massage (30 minutes)  £33.00

Leg and Foot massage (30 minutes)   £33.00

Full Body massage (1 hour)   £57.00